About Jennifer

Jennifer Day has been quilting since the beginning of 2010. In addition to being an art quilter, she is an ASID Interior Designer, photographer and goldsmith. In 2013, she was unanimously awarded juried JAM status with Studio Art Quilt Associates organization.

I utilize free motion embroidery in my art quilts. I photograph a subject then print the image onto fabric. I then begin the process of covering the image in thread – thread painting. My images may have between 64 and 264 threads per subject. The process of blending the colors seamlessly together is quite exciting to me. I then will incorporate free motion quilting into the background of the piece as well as appliqué and many times trapunto, to create my photo quilts and portrait quilts. My quilts range between one and three million stitches in the finished art quilt.  My style of thread painting is very intense and the projects may take between 50 and 150 hours to complete.”

Jennifer Day Quilter & Interior Designer