Tengo Hambre

Tengo Hambre (I am Hungry) is a quilt created from a photograph that was taken in the inhabited dump in Chenendega, Nicaragua. Five hundred people live along the edges of the dump and travel into it everyday to gather items to sell to the man in the green house. This is their only income. We had fixed lunch for the 150 children who live in the dump and the young girl ventured into the dump to take a bowl of the fish stew to her friend. He had been working all day, gathering treasures from the trash, using his pick ax, and placing them in the pink bag over his shoulder. He had gathered pieces of plastic and metal along with old shoes and bits of cloth. He walked the dump wearing only a pair of tattered flip flops. I was the only outsider to venture into the dump that day. With my camera in hand, I was able to capture this wonderful photograph that tells the story Tengo Hambre – I am Hungry.

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