Quilting Workshops

Thread Stories


A 5-Day Quilting Workshop for $950.00
in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Learn the Professional Techniques
of Art Quilter Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day is teaching a class in her technique ‘Thread Stories’ for a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July and September of 2015. This technique is a combination of intense thread painting and free motion embroidery, stitched on a photograph printed on fabric. Students will have access to over 650 different colors of thread to work with on their creations. All materials are provided in class. Students may bring their sewing machines, but sewing machines are also available for rent at $50 per week.

The class meets from 9am to 5pm each day. One afternoon is free time spent on the Santa Fe Plaza. During class, students will make an 8 x 10” practice quilt the first day. The next few days are spent creating a quilt that is approximately 24 x 20.” The goal is to finish the thread painting and most of the free motion embroidery on the large quilt by the end of the week. Students can choose from photographs provided by Jennifer Day or one of their own photographs to work on for the large quilt.

Class size:  The minimum class size is 6 students.  It is recommended to  make airline and hotel reservations 60 days in advance of the class to be sure that the class will take place.   The studio is a home on the mountain above Santa Fe.  The main room can accommodate 13 students.


Workshop Details

This workshop is an opportunity for students to learn how to use their photographs in a professional approach to art quilts. The focus is on using thread to cover a photograph printed on fabric. Each photograph selected by the student will be covered in between fifty and eighty different colors of thread, creating a realistic image that is the centerpiece of a quilt. Learn to use value and color to make your quilts exciting and dramatic. In addition to thread painting, the workshop will delve into the fascinating world of free motion embroidery. Create rich, complex compositions from this inventive perspective and use of shading and blending.


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Daily Class Schedule

Day 1
9:00-11:30am | Introduction, slideshow, and discussion of techniques
11:30-12:30 | Lunch
12:30-5:00pm | Sew first practice quilt 8 x 10″

Day 2
9:00-11:30am | Begin work on large quilt 24 x 20″
11:30-12:30 | Lunch
12:30-5:00pm | Sew large quilt

Day 3
9:00-11:30am | Work on large quilt 24 x 20″
11:30-12:30 | Lunch
12:30-5:00pm |  Time spent on Santa Fe Plaza

Day 4
9:00-11:30am | Discussion of free motion embroidery, sewing
11:30-12:30 | Lunch
12:30-5:00pm | Sew large quilt

Day 5
9:00-11:30am | Sewing free motion
11:30-12:30 | Lunch
12:30-5:00pm | Finish large quilt